Venting in the UK

Hello forum,

I’ve got my new bullet v2 but I’m looking into a very basic venting system where I have a tube above the roaster going into an in-line fan and then a tube poked out an open door.

I’ve looked into others setup but I can’t see many from the UK so I’m struggling to find the equipment people have used. Is anyone able to send me a link to the stuff they purchased so I can just copy!?

Many thanks,


Not sure if you’re into DIY but the combined exhaust and cooler setup has been a game-changer for me. Any extractor fan would probably do the job but this one uses one that has two inlets and one extraction airflow. It looks like it takes up a lot of room, but I put stuff on top of it just as I would if it wasn’t there so it’s OK.

This is the ducting I used. It’s nice and tough. Some others are very flimsy.