Viewing roast profiles - bug

You can’t view the most recent profile after scrolling to view other profiles.

  1. Open the most recent roast profile to preview it, ie the one at the top of the list.
  2. Now click the right arrow to view the previous profile. The previous roast profile is displayed.
  3. Now click the left arrow to go back and view the first profile you opened. It does not display. It stays on the 2nd last profile saved.

Here’s a video showing the problem. (Viewing Roast profiles on the Bullet - Bug - YouTube)

Please fix. Major pain in the bum when I’m trying to compare the last 2 roasts I just completed.

@jacob @matthew is there any way this can be fixed as it is still happening in v 2.5.5 and it is rather annoying?

Hey @GStav,

I have been working the past few months on a new version that has quite a few changes as we had to change data stores on our backend. This is fixed in that version, but it is still a few weeks/month out from a beta as RW is also changing and they will need to be released together. I will message you as soon as it’s ready. Maybe you can jump in for early testing a bit sooner?


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That’s good news thanks.

I’d be happy to test it Matthew. Just let me know when and how.