Virus checker detects apparent virus in aillio drivers - potential false postitive

hi I started up RT3 today and it couldnt detect drivers so asked to auto download - on doing this the AV detected an apparent virus

any suggestions on if this is genuine - captured screen grab of Norton AV below. How do i reinstall if false positive?


Hi there, I encountered the same exact problem so I contacted Aillio support team. This was their response

“I understand your concern. There’s no malware on the software. It’s just that Windows has been changing its driver certification process. Our software engineers are working on this, but currently, the USB driver for RoasTime would be flagged as uncertified, which would trigger some anti-malware software like Norton. Hope this clears it up”

So i proceeded to turn off my antivirus and installed the driver. Everything is working alright.

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This is a false-positive. If it makes you more comfortable, you can install the WinUSB drivers using Zadig (