Virus when updating roasTime USB drivers? Heur.AdvML.C

Just installed roasTime v3.4.1 on my Winderze 10 computer tonight for the first time. No problems there.

However, when it went to update the USB drivers when I plugged my roaster into the computer, my virus protection blocked a couple viruses attached to the USB drivers. What the heck!!! :scream: :scream: Screenshot attached…

Screenshot 2023-03-09 202200

You can see one is called “Heur.AdvML.C”, and the other is “Trojan.Gen.MBT”.

Anyone here have a clue what’s happening here??? TIA!

If you downloaded from our official website then I think these are false positives.

It wasn’t even the app download that caused this, it was the USB driver update that the app performed. (Aillio-driver-update.exe)

False positive is a possibility, but odd it happened with the driver update.

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This is a false-positive. Unfortunately, when making software that deals with advanced system
level activities, such as legitimately a
driver, some antiviruses flag these.

We use an completely open source tool for our driver installation that you can check out here.

If anyone is still concerned - you can install the driver yourself using any tool of your choice. We use WinUSB drivers for windows and you should be able to manually or use another tool to install it.