Volume turned all the way up, but can barely hear alarm!

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I’m thinking something is wrong with the alarm speaker? I can barely hear it sound and missed it several times, ending my roasts. Any idea what may be going on? Thanks! Rob

I find that the alarm is not very loud. Especially for me with hearing loss.

I would like to see a flashing display so that I know that I need to press a button.

I know that for most of my roasts, the first deadman warning is around 7 1/2 minutes. I 'm assuming that the deadman warnings are based on time AND temperature.

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The speaker for alarms is separated from the Main Speaker and has a fixed volume. You might want to check the cylinder at the back of the Control PCB Module and see if the driver is blocked by coffee oil or chaff.

The deadman switch triggers when the Bullet is unattended for a while after the IBTS Temp is above certain degrees, so it is based on time and temperature.

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Yes, that would be brilliant.

There’s a little green light near the A button. Perhaps that could blink urgently during the deadman alarm. It would be intuitive for a lot of people, I think.