Volunteering Option

Among of one of the subjects, I was stopped by user mentioned considering moving to Cropester roasting app, one of the main reasons was their community.

Thats made me think, what to do to improve our community?!

I came up with an idea, And I hope its ok with admins. My idea is they add a feature or an option for community users to volunteer as helpers, each on his field of experience. Many users here from different backgrounds and vary experiences.

Thats would allow other users who are need for help to contact these volunteers in directly.

And its an optional decision, community users can either take the option and participate or not.

I know writing a post would help a larger scope of Bullet users, but for many reasons some people may want to discuss their issues in privacy.

Knowing I am volunteering, would let them message me directly, instead of hesitating to do now, unknowing it may or may not bother me if they did.

Direct messaging leads to a quicker response, because use will be notified through the e-mail.more as I noticed, users prefer to keep their roasts unacceptable (for example). So, instead of publishing their profile to public , they can share it with profiling volunteers for consultation.

Finally, anyone struggles with roasting profile is welcome to contact me directly,

Thank you and happy new year for all of you.

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Thru this forum anyone can direct message each other. I have done that with a couple ppl here. Most ppl here are very helpful. If you look thru the treads you can see who are already volunteering their time to respond. Searching the threads surfaces a lot of good material.

To me there is a benefit to post and ask publicly because others can also learn from the question. It’s “crowd sourcing” the solution. :blush:

Happy Roasting

P.s. I might hit you up on profiling since you have SCAA roaster qualifications (if I remember correctly)

Yes, and I mentioned it in my post, posting in public would help a larger scope. But the idea from volunteering Tag/Option, it notifies other users I accept private contact in a specific aspect, some may welcome private contact for technical issues, other for profiling and so on.

For profiling, you and all the community members are most welcome to contact me directly anytime, and yes I am a certified roaster by SCA.

Happy Roasts,