Weird issue after Firmware 591 Update

I am running RT 3.2.3 and recently updated to Firmware 591.

After the update, I noticed the 02 error doesn’t multi beep its just one short beep? I was afraid to hit PRS and it eventually made a loud grunt and cut the power to 0 and the fan to FC… should I have hit PRS? Why shorten the time to hit it, am I the only one who has hit it and accidentally ended the roast before?

can we plz @jacob get the old sound back

If you press PRS while in Roast mode you will advance to Cooling mode. Ignoring A02 alarm sounds for the moment, it sounds like what you saw was to be expected. I use the button at the upper left (the A button) to silence the A02 alarm.

Apparently there’s been a change to the alarm audio pattern… a few have mentioned that.