Weird stuff

So I have been having this issue lately, I posted about it on facebook earlier. But when I plug in my bullet its display is blank and it just beeps. Unplug and plug in again, it lights up normal, but I go to preheat to 310 and it wont go higher then 210. unplug afew more times, and so far eventually it will fire up normal.
Now today I was preheating it and it seemed all normal, but after 15minutes with drum temp at 310 the bean temp still read 120. Finally realized the drum temp was off because the roaster did not even feel warm to the touch. so I unplugged again and plugged in and sure enough, it fired up and now drum temp showed 210 and it continued to preheat like normal.
I have also been trying to update firmware (currently 515) but it never finds a new update. it just loads and loads. Any Ideas would be awsome.