What do you do about chaff?

I assume everyone has this problem that a batch of beans can be covered in chaff. I find residual chaff to be undesirable in a roast, especially if I am going to share with others.

One thing I do at the end of each roast is set P0 and F9 to push as much chaff as possible into the bullet collector.

Another thing I do after dropping the roast is to use the fill funnel upside down to stir the beans in the cooler. My sense is that this creates more concentrated forced air and agitation to blow off the chaff.

Sometimes I direct lightly compressed air at the cooling tray to blow chaff out. Also I’ve done the same while slowly pouring beans from one bowl to another.

I can’t imagine how professional roasters deal with chaff from a 10kg roast.

What do you do?

To reduce the amount of chaff I’ll generally let the cooling tray fan run on high for at least 4-5 minutes after the roast. The beans cool while being stirred by an electric pot stirrer which agitates and aids in removal of chaff. After that I’ll sometimes shake the beans in the cooling tray over a waste bin to get rid of additional chaff. Overall I’m not attempting to get rid of all the chaff since I haven’t noticed it affecting the coffee in any negative way.

It might be interesting to due a cupping experiment with the exact same coffee and roast where one has extra chaff added and the other has almost all of it removed to see what, if any, differences can be detected.

I also have a Behmor roaster. If you’re not aware, it has a wire mesh drum that will let the chaff fall through. I just put the beans in the mesh drum and shake over a trash bin or outside.

to remove chaff, I have a 22" fan that I place a 16" sieve on top of… works great…