What does a flashing 'F' mean?

Hi, I have a V2 purchased in Oct 2021 from the (then) new Danish shop. Half way through a roasting session comprising 8 batches today, on roast number 5 from the start I saw a flashing ‘F’ to the left of the timer display. The beans were forcing themselves out of the drum door as well so I abandoned the roast. No warning codes seen or beeps heard. Checked the chaff collector and made sure the fan wasn’t catching: all was well. Restarted roasting and the ‘F’ had gone. But then on batches 6 and 7 the ‘F’ was back. I ignored it and carried on roasting and all seemed too go OK. I checked the chaff collector again between roasts and couldn’t see any issues. No ‘F’ seen on the last batch.

NB: This does not refer to the noting of first crack as I am careful not to hit that button on the roaster during roasts and first crack was not recorded on any of the roast profiles until I clicked on the first crack button on my computer screen as I normally do.

My question is: what the F is the ‘F’?!

I’d appreciate any and all thoughts…

Not in the manual. If you don’t get something here pretty soon I’d say your next stop is Aillio Support.


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I checked your logs and everything looks great, no errors or anything of concern.
I have no idea what the flashing F is though. If you see it again please take a photo of it.
Another option would be to use RoasTime 4 and update the firmware to 605 or 606.

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I don’t remember how to turn it on but my r1 v2 has a timer for time after first crack. I believe it is one of the function buttons but i’m not sure. When its activated it toggles back and forth between roast time and time after first crack with an f in front of the first crack timer. This is on the roaster display not the computer. My roaster was purchased from Sweet Marias, Feb 2021.

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Thanks - I will take a photo/video next time I see it. I noted that the roast that I abandoned was not recorded at all - it only lasted around 1.5 mins though.

I wondered about it meaning either first crack or forced start or something. The timer recorded the roast as normal but with the continuous flashing F. I know that I did not touch any button to record first crack from the start (having been burned before by using the power button to show the roaster that someone is present only to have first crack noted when you don’t want it to be!).

you’ve pressed the F1 button and the F indicates time since first crack.