What is Net Voltage?

I am new to the R1 and have, after a few attempts, had three successful roasts. I am wondering what the net voltage read out is. It seems to fluctuate a great deal. I could use a variack, and also wondering, if I did, if I should set it at 110 or 120. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you

It depends on where you are and what version of the Bullet R1 you have.

If you’re in North America, 120 is the nominal household voltage. If you have a North American v1 or v1.5 Bullet (probably v1.5), it’s designed for that voltage. If your outlet has 120 volts (or close to it), there shouldn’t be a need for a variac, unless you’re trying to run a European Bullet (v1 or v2) in North America. If that’s what you’re trying to do, you might be successful with a v1, but I doubt the v2 would work, even with the variac, considering its higher powered coil.

Thank you. I am in North American with 120 volts at the outlet. My Bullet is the newest one. Wondering if you, or anyone, knows what the net voltage means that varies a great deal even though the voltage supply (checked via volt meter) does not. Curious about that.

Not sure what you mean by “net” voltage.

It’s often the case that you’ll see the voltage sag a bit when a heavy load is added. That’s usually due to a long wire run, although it can also be due to an undersized wire being used (they are kinda the same thing). Either way, it means that your supply wires are heating up some and it’s less than desirable.

When you turn off the induction the V1 and V1.5 will sometimes report a high voltage like 140V (and it won’t change), but this is the rectified voltage without the induction running…long story. Don’t worry about this.

Appreciate the responses. They are helpful. Thank you.