What is the situation for using Artisan for V2?

What is the situation for using Artisan for V2?

Should I downgrade to the previous version of RT?

Thank you.

Haven’t used Artisan except on my HotTop as recently as Dec 2018 so I’m saying more than I know…

I’m a Win10/11 user so consider that in what follows. As I recall from reading here (search R.W for ‘Artisan’ and include the user name @stuartmcknight ), Artisan will have you install newer Windows drivers since they can’t/don’t use the older drivers used by Bullet/RT(x). You’ll be mostly on your own as the developers are not Bullet users.

In those early days with my HotTop I thought Artisan was a very interesting s/w and I really liked the roasting graphics. The projected temperature for reaching target temps was particularly helpful. The version of RT is unimportant as you won’t be using that at all since Artisan replaces RT(x)

If you later return to RT you will have to first install RT3 then use RT3 to install drivers as RT3 uses older Windows USB drivers. There’s an executable called Zadig (software for managing Windows drivers) which can be of assistance in getting drivers loaded for the Bullet. I used it briefly months ago but my success was more by luck than careful execution since I had no proper clue which driver to choose.

So search here first for more Artisan info. Stuart has posted here on R.W about his experience with it and it ought to offer some guidance.


Thanks for the shout out Bruce (I think)! You’re actually reversed, Artisan uses the old RT 1.x libusb-win driver and RT 2.x onwards switched to winusb. Not sure which is technically newer or older. Libusb-win is still being maintained.

But the log story short is you can use Zadig to “conveniently “ switch horses by running it, selecting the Bullet in the device drop down and changing driver to libusb if you want to launch Artisan or winusb if you’re needing RT support.

Bruce is correct that the last time I contacted Artisan developer Marko, to fix a bug with batch numbers ( it screwed them up because it was reading data from the USB coming back from the Bullet and corrupted the current batch count) they had nobody with a Bullet to verify or update any of the Bullet interface code. When I showed some of this to Matthew at Aillio he surmised they were using a reverse engineered analysis of the communication protocols which had changed over time. AFAIK Aillio does not publish that protocol specification so there are other possible Artisan issues to be discovered. Just so you know that Artisan is not 100% issue free for those looking for Unicorn software :wink:

If you’re running MacOS ignore the above driver shenanigans. But Artisan still isn’t perfect with Bullet.

Ok, I admit it… it was a very hot rock and I pitched it over the wall. Mea culpa! But I didn’t know I had so badly screwed up the driver-version info! Thanks for fixing my mis-info Stuart.


As mis-info goes that was small fry Bruce, glad to still be able to remember that stuff. What I had for lunch yesterday can be more challenging.

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Thank you very much.