What is the Smart Prediction IR Feature and How Does It Work?

I see a toggle for Smart Prediction IR (BETA), but have no idea what it does and don’t see any documentation on it. Anyone know what it does, how it works, and where I can find some documentation if there is any?

Smart Prediction enables a temp predictor line based upon current temp changes project forward about 2.5 thru 6 minutes. Iirc, starts about 3 min into the roast then continues to update periodicly as the roast progresses. Prob of most use if you aren’t using a Recipe.

Doesn’t interfere with roaster operation.


I believe you need to input batch size at the start of your roast to get this to show up. I think Jonas said they are implementing machine learning for this. It should more accurately anticipate your ibts temp trajectory vs the old “straight line” future projection based on your current settings.

Thanks y’all!

To use this feature you must be connected to the internet. Start your roast then edit current roast and input your green weight.
After 1min you will see predictions which are using machine learning to predict where your roast is heading. After about 12min they might be a bit irrational as they have not had much training with longer roasts.
We will have more information about this feature shortly.