What Temp do you roast to?

So, I typically roast to 415-425 which is just into 2nd crack (as soon as I can hear 2nd start rolling). Latte drinker only. Non-floral, non-citrus lover. Prefer caramel notes / chocolate.

Just did a couple of roasts that I pulled @ 410 ro see the difference. What’s your preferred temp?

Personally, I base my drop temps on my FC temp. FC + 14 for medium, FC + 20 for Medium Dark and FC + 26 for Dark. Based on bean density, it may go up and down a few degrees but generally works for me. FC + 26 gets me to the onset of SC, the threshold for my dark roasts. BTW, these are in celsius.


I’m surprised at these 2C numbers- I’d expect 2Cs at something in the range of 445°-450°F. My favorite reference for sight & sound of the roast process is from Sweet Maria’s; or this newer rewrite without the convenient summary but much better photos.

Is there a chance you were mislead by the sounds of the beans crashing around in the drum? Those sounds of beans crashing around in the drum mask what you’re listening for. Thompson Owen (Sweet Maria’s) once described the sound of 2C as that of toothpicks breaking which pretty much nails it for me. But that sound is very soft compared to that of the beans crashing around. Alternately there may be a temperature sensor calibration issue.


No chance. Been roasting for multiple years now. Started with an SC/TO, then a gene cafe (couldn’t hear on that one) then a hottop and now bullet.

Now, to be clear, I typically pull them when 2nd starts and you hear multiples popping non-stop(ish)… Crackling like a fire starting. This is typically around 423-428. It IS indeed second crack, because when dumping occasionally you can still hear a couple popping lightly. Any longer than that and I get oily beans out meaning a little too far. (for me).

This is a donkey decaf from Sweet marias and French Roast mix from them.

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I’m so glad to see people going to SC. I generally try to pull at the start of SC, which for me is right around 224C, shooting for an FC+.

There is so much chatter about fruitiness, floral-ness, pulling in or immediately after FC that I suspect I am looking for an entirely different beverage from these other folks. I think the kindest reference I’ve encountered to my preferred style from this light roast group is “nostalgic flavors.”

I once found a Maui Grown Mokka that I pulled before FC+, at about 220C. It was VERY nice hot, but when it cooled down, it was heaven… what coffee has always wanted to be.

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When I roast to SC, I am normally around 225-228c on the IBTS and 230-232 on the BT.

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That 225-230 range is what I’ve targeted for SC in the past, though I generally roast lighter. I have a tough time picking up SC with all the bean clattering and other roaster noise.

Tried the roast to 410… It was BAD. Grassy / Green tasting in my latte. Back to 425ish…

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I drink my coffee with a sprinkle of sugar and lots of cream, so, a little Latte-like.

I generally roast to between 215°C (419°F) and 218°C (424.4°F). I shoot for 9 mins to FC and 13 mins to end.

I generally look for coffees with a very heavy body and lots of cocoa, chocolate, malt, caramel, nut sorts of cupping notes. I avoid fruity, citrusy and winey.

I like Brazil Oberon, Bolivia Apolo. Have been playing around with a couple different Yemeni beans. I find blending in a bit of Yemeni with other coffees adds a ice note - it kind of rounds out the flavor. The Yemeni tastes quite different than any of the other coffees I’ve roasted.


I typically drop at around 210C to 215C, depending on where 1st crack happens. I like a balanced coffee that’s right about medium roast. I have a lot of friends and family who prefer a darker roast and so have been pushing some roasts to 2c. My last roast was 1kg of Bali Blue Moon and I dropped at about 222C.

Question for you guys who like the darker roasts, what is your general strategy for the roast? For example, what does your ROR look like on a good roast? Do you try and start with a higher preheat to get a lot of energy going? That sort of thing.


For me, its 1lb preheat to 428 (may lower that a touch next time to slow overall roast) then targeting a declining ror. Here’s one of my latest. Roast until 2C starts popping along. Not perfect, but works great for my lattes. :slight_smile:

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This is my experience, as well. Very good results.