What Would Be the Temperature of a Full City Roast

I just ordered my Bullet R1. I’m currently using a 1912 Jabez Burns sample roaster. Needless to say, there’s not much in the way of controls. I’ve been using a Fluke 62 Max+ infrared thermometer to read the bean temps in the barrels. I’ve been pulling my roasts at around 242C. My guess is that I would hit second crack if I went six or so degrees higher. Does 242C sound about right for a full city roast with a Bullet?

I think that 242C will be in the Italian roast range.

Here is a chart that I put together a long time ago from different sources.
As always: Your mileage may vary.


Thanks for the chart. Regarding your pre-heat chart, does Aillio have a suggested temp for 200g? I could just scale down based the existing data.

I’ve never seen an suggested temp for 200g. I would just scale down a bit.

For 200g do 185c or 200c drop with low Power. I normally do 200 P5 and it seems to work. I also did a recipe for 200g because it does tend to be wonky to track.

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I’ve been roasting 200g of two coffee because that’s what it takes to fill all the bean storage tubes I have. I’m going to get more tubes and go up to at least 250g