What would cause a light brown liquid to drip?

Hi everyone! For three roasts in a row I’ve had a drip of what appears to be oil at the front vent, right side? Only sporadically…any ideas?


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How much are you roasting?

500 g roasts - 3 yesterday, same bean. Going to try a different bean. Also noticing less chaff in the collector

Perhaps the rear chaff collector is plugged?

That’s likely condensation… hot moist roast gases hitting cold surfaces. Is the ambient temp lower than normal in your roast area?

Keep up the airflow to vent out that moisture, also check if your chaff filter might be clogged if this suddenly happened…

I’m getting the same thing. I’m doing about 8 pounds in an evening, but this just started happening. I’m keeping the chaff collector clean. Any other thoughts? The liquid isn’t hot at all.

I think I resolved my issue by cleaning the chaff filter, the basket. I used a wire brush and Simple Green cleaner. At first I didn’t think it was very clogged, it after cleaning it was very apparent that it was. I was also getting an unusual amount of chaff coming out of the front vent during roasting.

Try a thorough cleaning of the vent fan and the chaff basket.

Good luck and let me know if you get it resolved!

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Thanks for the tip. Will do.