What would you suggest to improve Aillio Bullet design!?

what power level are you at when the heat gets cut back? have you checked the IGBT temps; that’s what determines when to limit current IIRC

Hello Brian,

I noticed such things occurred during my roasts, and I am not roasting back to back. I solved it by putting a fan under the board where we connect cables. Now the roaster’s performance is stabilized. Try out.

It is a little ironic, because the Bullet roasts the best when the surrounding air is hot. But that causes the boards to overheat. So it is really crucial to have RoasTime when roasting so you can ride the line so to speak.

I just received my Bullet, seasoned the drum and roasted one batch for consumption, so I have much to learn about the unit. After the seasoning I did a deep clean (except for the drum, of course) and have some thoughts about improvements. In no particular order:

  1. Switch from micro-USB to a USB-C connector.
  2. The cooling box collection bowl could be a heavier gauge stainless steel. If works, just feels cheap.
  3. The front panel wire should have a connector on it so the front panel would be completely detachable.
  4. Either make the parallelogram shaped exhaust tube that runs along the top removable or make it round and include a “wad button” to clean it, much like you clean a rifle barrel.
  5. Locate all the connections along one side of the unit; power, cooling box fan, usb, etc. Makes for a cleaner presentation and less clutter.
  6. Maybe spring-load the door with a latch to keep it closed or have a better way to keep it open when emptying the roaster. Using the tryer is awkward.
  7. On my unit the rubber door at the bottom of the chaff collector doesn’t close well.
  8. Easy way to clean the IBTS.
  9. Use consistent terms in the manual. I was trying to figure out what the “X Light” does because that’s what it’s called on page 10 of the manual. A search for “X light” yields no results because it’s called the “X-LED” on page 18.

Bean Probe design has a bolt head nearby, which may or may not effect the Bean probe, but if nothing else, it could cause an odd bean to end up in your next batch.

I recommend changing this bolt if you are so inclined to diy. I’ve not gotten around to modifications until i know if i’ll be using this professionally or not.

see image.

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Rear plastic chaff container should have a heat vent or hole towards the top, so that excess heat can escape naturally (heat rises). Seems this part warps. not sure what that does to the airflow. so far seems ok. but not an attractive look.

warped plastic? I’ve never seen anything like that (unless you mean 3d printed exhaust adapter)

It sort of pulled back from the seem and rose up a few mm.

But now it has sort of made its own air gap and have not see any further issue. Natura finds a way. Heat rises.

see image.

I can see a little bit of that on mine, but not enough to create an airgap. Maybe it’s off by thickness of my fingernail.

It warped under heat from running a few batches. It no longer traps as much heat because the air gap is wide enough now.

going by fingernails as a measurement, the seam on the fan compartment is a little wider than two thumbnails, but the chaff compartment is two or three times that. And it wasn’t like that when i first got it. One can easily say “user error”, but we’re still talking about a lot of heat and a lot of plastic coexisting.

Plastic and roasting temps were probably never a match made in heaven. Like if you are going to design a roaster, plastic at the exhaust exit is not typically the first thing that comes to mind.