What would you suggest to improve Aillio Bullet design!?

This is actually an addition to RW Analysis. Add a phase percentage bar for each selected roast at the bottom below the graph (stacked one above the other and left aligned) so that the phase length differences of each roast are apparent. I’ve seen this in online articles comparing roast profiles and find it useful.

It would be amazing to have some sort of compare or analysis tool for people who cannot go online.

would like to get notification on RT on when and what to clean and maintain the bullet based on roast count.

also the roast count can be used to assess the brice of used bullets where the count should be stored in the logs not the RT

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I really like this idea. An option to turn it on an off would be great for those who don’t want notifications, but it would be nice to get sort of a countdown until maintenance is recommended. Kind of like a maintenance reminder in a car. It could be paired with an image or diagram of what needs to be cleaned along with simple steps.

and bluetooth connectivity :smiley:

Yes, there’s already a bluetooth chip in there as it’s detected by devices, but apparently is useless at this time.

I’d hope that RT is just built on a solid platform.

Because they can put a lot of features in over time, but without a proper platform, bugs and reliability can be issues.

They should keep a focus on the core and essential things to roasting and maintain reliability.

I’ve had some issues with the roast titles and descriptions getting erased by some bug, and it has had an effect on my testing and QC, so I’ve lost weeks of work, because of it.

try updating to latest version, I make edits while and after roasting and never faced issues with saved roasts.

Yes, thank you. I’ve gone through to the latest update.

I could go back to an earlier version, but then I’d have to watch my IGBT1 temp more.

Regardless, a tool like this should focus on reliability over additional features.

I’d love a USB-C connector near the bottom of the device. The current placement puts my cable against the hot outer surface of the roaster, and I’d like to no have that cable eventually melt.