When did you get your roaster? How many lbs have you roasted?

I received my Bullet R1 in January 2017 and have roasted around 700 lbs since.

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Got mine in Sept 2016 and have roasted over 500 pounds (225KG) since then.


I received mine on July 5, 2016 and I’m guesstimating I’ve roasted around 200 lbs.


I got mine in September 2016 and even though it was out of commission for a couple of scary months, I’ve still done 100 pounds.


Got mine in Oct/2017 - have already done over 120Kg.

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I was lucky to get a very early machine in April 2016
I guess I have roasted around the 200kg mark.
I have used the Bullet to do a huge amount sample roasting as well as 500g and 1kg roasts.

I have done 350kg since june 2016

Probably about 150 pounds since October 2016. There’s just the two of us, mostly. Most of the roasts have been one pound at a time, but I’ve recently started roasting 600 grams, with even better results.