When do you take out the beans?

Maybe a basic question but wondering what people do here. I assume the right way is to remove from roaster when beans are done and don’t cool in the barrel since residual heat will further roast the beans?

Not sure what “… in the barrel …” refers to. I dump the beans into the cooling tray and hit the PRS button to go to Cooling mode. I have a bamboo stirring paddle ready so I can stir the beans to get cooling air moving thru them. Takes only a few seconds (10? 15?) to get the temp down enough to leave them unattended as they cool the rest of the way. That frees me to set up for a back-to-back if I have more to roast.


Right. You want the beans to cool quickly.

Push the PRS button, the roaster will say COOL.
Open the door and the beans fall into the cooling tray.

Got it. With the behmor you would let the beans cook in the unit, so I was trying something similar but I realize I should eject the beans right away.

I’d suggest you choose either Bean or Drum (IR) temp to manage your roast to be consistent with roast completion point. Bean Temp is probably more reliable as it isn’t noticeably affected by contamination like the IR sensor (IBTS) is.


I think what you call the barrel is what many of us call the drum. You’ll like cooling your roast in the cooling tray.

Bruce, I just don’t seem to have the IBTS contamination problem that you’ve mentioned a number of times. I don’t roast very dark…think that could be why?

I’ve struggled with the IR sensor contamination from early days. The first 2-3 months everything was fine though there was a small but gradual decline in the difference between Bean Temp and Drum Temp. Initially (DT-BT) at BT=300°F was about 70°F, but that declined to about 60F°. Then someone mentioned something about cleaning the lens (glass) on the sensor so I tried and noticed a small change. In hindsight they were probably talking about a V1 sensor, but I was clueless about the earlier design at that point.

Over the next several months I saw a decided decline in (DT - BT). Cleaning never completely restored the higher difference values I saw. Currently that difference is around 45F° when just cleaned and I let it decline to around 40F° before cleaning again, though I let it go to 35F° on a couple occasions.

I’m beginning to suspect there are a couple things going on-

  • the sensor is getting some contamination and
  • there is some aging of the sensor and
  • possibly that the aging is greater the higher the Preheat is set

I replied to a note about this in the last couple days (sorry- couldn’t find it). In that owners case the DT-BT difference becomes negative early in the roast (before 1C iirc). Plus cleaning doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on that particular sensor (hence my speculation about aging in IR sensors).

So, the more I learn the less I know! But if you aren’t experiencing this effect, just go with it! :smile: