Where do you write down your agtron results?

Am I missing something? Why isn’t there a proper spot to write down the agtron results for the roast?

Where do you guys write down the agtron? In the title? In the comment?

I put the reading from my RoastVision device in the roast comments.

Are you talking about the bottom comments section when you open a roast? Or in the notes when you write down your bean, weight and room temp/humidity?

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from within Rostime I think it’s the notes boxabove where you enter the roast weight, etc.

OK I tried your way in the note.
So I have a little text bubble icon next to the title with the agtron info.
But is it visible to others? Because I looked at your roasts and couldn’t see the icon.
Here is my roast with the icon, do you see it?
I also wrote the agtron info in the comments below the roast graph.
And I also tried what seemed like the most efficient solution for now, directly in the title.
But I feel like it should be in the chart with the rest of the information. No?

The lack of a field for color scores (including the scale used) is a huge issue for Roastime. I would really like to see this shifted open source under Aillio’s control. Roast.World also has issues that need to be addressed. As you noted you cannot see comments on a roast, nor can you tell whether a roast was done following a recipe (though from a recipe you can see recent roasts). If these were open source, others could help Aillio improve them. To be fair, I find RoasTime to be an overall better experience than Artisan Scope (and I have done far more roasts with Artisan Scope).

I put Agtron whole/ground in the comments (where I often include all measurements and the averages) and in the title, since no one can see the comments. I also don’t think people can see ratings. What RoastWorld reveals and its filter is very inconsistent, making it less useful than it could be. I do user interface design and evaluation in healthcare (where poor interfaces kill people), so I’m very sensitive to UI issues, both in terms of functionality and usability.

To follow up more on this, Artisan Scope’s usability is pretty poor, but it has functionality that is missing in RoasTime and it has a few (not many) UI features that beat RoasTime, such as right clicking on the graph to mark yellowing, first crack, etc. after the roast. With RoasTime I have to find the time at my normal temp for the event using the graph, then edit the roast and type in the time–way too clunky.

I guess it’s going to be in the title for now, but of course when I am open on a roast the tittle is shortened and the Agtron is hidden. I have to rollover to see it pop. I don’t understand, it’s not like the title is missing any space to be fully visible.

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My friend has the ROEST sample roaster and the yellowing is automatically marked at a personally predefined temperature or time. This would be so much easier.

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Yes. This is annoying and not helpful. We need fields similar to those in Artisan Scope and they need to be shown on the Roast chart screen both on the desktop and online.

BTW, when you are roasting in Artisan Scope, the roast title disappears. Instead, it says “Sponsored by Sweet Maria’s” I appreciate their sponsorship, but I want my roast title!

Artisan Scope offers this feature as well. I don’t use it, because I really only automatically mark yellowing (dry end in Artisan) at a specific temp. FC and SC vary a bit with the bean and roast curve.

Of course not for FC, I was only thinking about Yellowing. I would love that, because like you explained before it’s a pain to mark it after the live roast.

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if you’re using recipe mode you can always put in a definitive temp to automate a comment saying Yellowing. Other than that, pressing the F1 key will shortcut you through FC start,end, 2C start,end

whilst it may not be the best solution it’s minimised the amount of editing especially if yellowing is an important milestone for you.

I put it in as a feature request along with batch numbering…

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There are reasons to automate FC marking. For instance, TIm Wendelboe mentioned that on his Loring you cannot hear first crack, so they mark it at a set temp and then base development on that mark. From testing 4 bags of his coffee so far, they are very consistent with end color: around Agtron 110 (fine espresso ground) give or take a few points.

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Even better the ROEST can detect FC

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I agree with this and assert Dry and FC based on temp rather than by sight/smell. I too find this helps with consistency, especially as my other roaster is colorblind so marking yellow by sight is impossible.

For color readings, I have a separate spreadsheet to track such things, but it also has calculations for weight loss %, fc dev time % and a space for cupping notes. It’s clearly redundant in a lot of ways, but I roast on other machines too, so it’s helpful to have everything in a centralized place.

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Since you roast on multiple machines, do you have a way to track inventory? I need to account for COGS for tax purposes. RoasTime is great at tracking, but I also use Artisan Scope.

If you’re ok with a separate app and have a Windows device you might want to look at Access-based Coffee Roasting Data Base (CRDB). It was free the last time I checked a few years ago. I stopped using it when Inventory arrived in RT and since then I decided not tracking inventory was fine for my purposes.


Google Sheets for inventory / forecasting. It’s not automated, but i’m using both roast time and artisan, so there there would be issues either way.