Where is this field getting data from?

Hi everyone! I love this roaster, and the software is mostly great, but this one thing has been bothering me for months…

At first this wasn’t a problem, but now that I’ve entered a dozen or so coffees this drop down is getting frustrating. I thought moving the beans to “archived” in my inventory would fix this but that did nothing. Now I’ve deleted the beans from my inventory altogether and I’m still seeing all these coffees in the dropdown. Where is this field pulling data from? And is it possible for me to edit the coffees displayed here? Thanks!


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You are right, archived beans should not be shown here. Will get a ticket made and prioritize!


Ok, cool! Let me know if I can be any help!

@mcaillio Any update on this?

Ticket is slated for our next iteration of work!

Hi @isaacjhermann.QPKW
you should not see “achieved” coffee after you update to the latest version of RoasTime

[Client v1.124.1}

Thank you for reporting this if you’re still experiencing the issue please let us know !!