Why Doesn't Roast Analyzer Just Show All Roasts?

Hey there, I am coming from Artisan and am enjoying RoasTime so far. I have been working on recipes and wanted to see how a certain recipe would work across a couple of different beans. I, of course, went to use the analyzer and discovered you can’t analyze between different beans because of how the search function operates. I know I could work around by editing each roast I want to analyze with a generic bean name. But why not just show all roasts in the analyzer page by default? Or maybe add analyze checkboxes by the roasts in the roasts pane? Apologies if this has been brought up before, I couldn’t find anything in Search.

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I have had exactly the same idea.
I would also like to see how the same settings affects the profile of different coffees


Thanks for your feedback, I’ll add this to our weekly meeting agenda so we can discuss how to improve this feature.


Did this ever get implemented?

Also, any chance us people without Wi-Fi can get a local analyzer? Something we can do on our own machines without 3rd party Hackery?


It’s already in the list of feature to work on in 2024

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Hey @here,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve updated the analyzer to allow analyzing roasts from different beans. You can search for the bean whose roasts you want to filter by and then select it. The selected roasts remain selected until you unselect them. You can then update your bean search to whatever other bean’s roasts you’d like to select.