Why is my Roast World empty?

I’m new … and this is all I get (see attached file).

I have RoasTime 3 installed and running.

I can see you got two roast profiles and one bean. Which browser are you using? Could you try another one and what happens when you click on My Roasts?

I can see my roasts and beans just fine on my phone browser. But I get all blanks on Windows 10 Chrome and Firefox. I just checked again.

I’m using Chrome on Win10 laptop and I see all my data in RW (did a refresh of the page just to make sure):

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Hi @dmarsh27enha,

I’m looking into this to try to recreate your issue to be able to fix it. I’ll update on here when I get it recreated/fixed.

Best regards,

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I tried various forms of refreshing / clearing cache. Now when I log in I get a error message and my developer tools show “uncaught error in snapshot listener.” I’ll attach a screenshot. Works on m phone, still.

That error looks like you may need to re-login.

Tried that a few times. It shows me the main dashboard for a second, but then throws that error.

Happy to jump on a screen share call if you have that capability.

Thanks for this error log! This will definitely be helpful in figuring out what’s wrong. I’ll have this fixed for you asap

Hey! If you don’t mind. Can you join this Slack here: https://join.slack.com/t/roastime/shared_invite/zt-h7qicu0g-E_u1DsYGRmLXEQ0czoLweg

Afterwards, I’ll get in touch to figure out what’s wrong. I tried recreating the issue but could not.

Best regards,