Wild swings in ROR measurement

Any idea why I keep getting these wild swings in ROR? I did clean the IBTS with iso and let it dry completely. This happens fairly often.

I saw that you deleted your post, but you have a bad bean probe or a problem with the electrical wiring to the probe.

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Thank you for your reply jacob :slight_smile: Is there something I can do to test which is the case here? What would be the best remediation for this?

You would need to take off the front, and then remove the inside plate of the front. Then check that the wires from the bean probe are not squeezed and shorting to the plate.
We have this video to show you how: Aillio - Bean Probe Replacement on Vimeo

From your recent roasts the problem seems to have gone away…did you change anything in your setup? Your computer? Anything really…

Actually there is a correlation between your preheat temp and the problem. When you preheat higher (285) you seem to get the problem. This is really indicative of the wire problem I mentioned above, or it could be a bad probe.

I did upgrade the firmware to the latest available stable version after my initial post. I will check the wiring from the bean probe today and also lower the preheat temperature a bit and see if that fixes it. --Edit: the lowered temperature didn’t seem to help on an aborted roast and the one right after that, which showed the same behavior right around FC. It seemed to not exhibit this behavior during the last several roasts though, weird.

Will open it up later this week after I catch up on orders :slight_smile:

In the event the wiring or probe is the issue, where can I order a replacement? Thank you for the reply and support!

In case you need a new probe it depends on where you bought your Bullet. If you bought directly just email us and we will send you a replacement. From Europe contact our office in Copenhagen. If from the US I think you can ask Sweet Maria’s to send you one.
If wire insulation is broken you can fix it with capton tape…if you have any.