Window Glue

What glue would y’all use to get the glass window back in the front of the door? Mine fell out mid-roast today, lost 800g of my precious 18 Rabbit Washed. Still have 20# though…

@jacob ?

If you can’t wait for @jacob, you can try hi-temp RTV there are some that will withstand up to 600F. It might be ugly though. Hi temp usually comes in red and black. Clear is usually only in the 350F range

Food safe?

Some are, but not all. I’ve bought some for use on my smoker. Food safe.

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something like this maybe.

Just ordered some 600f food safe silicone from Mr. Bezos. Thanks, all.

I used teflon tape. Wrapped it around the glass, pressed into place and trimmed the excess tape off. Works for me and Teflon is good up to 260°C/500°F.