[WINDOWS] "Unhandled Exception..." when trying to save roast

Hi, I am having an issue with Roastime with an unhandled exception when trying to save roast and does not save roast. Please see attached image. I would really appreciate any help you guys can give to me try and resolve this issue. Thank you!


Hi Abraham,

I could not see the picture, but I think you just click continue when you see that error, then restart RoasTime and you will see the profile. This is a bug but only happens the first time you roast, after which everything should be OK.
If you have already roasted multiple profiles but forgot to press continue, then you can find the backup files (Documents/Aillio/Backup/) then copy all the files from this folder to the main Documentsl/Aillio/ folder, then restart RoasTime.

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for responding. The issue seems to repeat every time I complete a roast…. I have tried pressing “Continue" and also “Quit” with both resulting in an empty profile list. I am attaching the image one more time just in case coincidentally it’s not the same issue you have seen. Thank you,

Hi Abraham

Could yo please go to your documents folder, then find the Aillio folder. In there do you see a backup folder containing any files? If yes, try copying them to the Aillio folder and then restart the app. If you don’t know how do you can send me and email ([email protected]) and we can make a teamviewer session so I can have a look on your computer.



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Hi Jacob,
Yes, indeed there were several files in the backup folder and once dragged into the main folder they showed up as profiles.