Wish List for Roast World (beans inventory section)


This request certainly doesn’t rise to the priority of more development of RT software and Bullet firmware, but here are a few things that I think would improve the usability of the beans inventory and roast profiles on the Roast World site:

  1. “My Beans” page

    • allow sorting by each field shown, such as an alpha sort of the bean “Name”, and “In Stock”
    • Add a field for “Date Added” to inventory, so I can quickly see if any beans in my inventory have been sitting around too long. (Eliminate the “SCA Cupping Score” field from this view, if necessary to provide space for the new “Date Added” field.
    • Add a “Total Inventory” sum of weights calculated field
  2. Provide a Click Ahead Arrow to page through roast profiles of the same bean.

    • In practice, here is how I sometimes use Roast World: I look at “My Beans” for a bean I want to roast…then click on it and look at the box in the bottom right to see the “Latest Profiles and Overall” list of roasts…then I click on the first roast listed, and then want to page through the remaining profiles of the same bean…but if you click on the forward arrow on this page, you see more roasts by the same person, of different beans. Instead, I want to see more profiles of the same bean by different people.

Thanks. I’m really enjoying the overall Aillio/Bullet roasting environment.


Good suggestions.

A person can spend a lot of time filling in details about a given coffee in their inventory management tool of choice. When I began roasting coffee 21yrs ago, I was making notes about lots of things that I don’t track today. But, sorting/knowing inventory “by age” is a very important part of greens management that prevents wasted product when greens are stored too long. I expect several of us know what “cardboard coffee” tastes like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the suggestions. Sort options has been an on-going whine from here in Benson, AZ! I keep reminding myself “work in progress, etc…”, then plod thru as many beans as I can stand to see what’s there.

Btw, I found doing a copy/paste to Excel makes things easier & faster to review. A little playing with formulas gives decent inventory management in pounds (vs. kG).