3D printed bean deflector

Thought I would share this here since i got such positive feedback in a Facebook group.

I made a 3D printed bean deflector/bean chute from ABS. It has been used on back to back roasts & on 2 pound batches. The ABS material seems to hold up to the faceplate temperatures.


OOooooo can I purchase one off you? :wink: (assuming you’re in the US)

Nicely done :slight_smile:


Looks like you’re sold out on Etsy :slight_smile:

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I think that I got the last one. :sunglasses:

According to Etsy: There were 17 people with them in their carts and only one left. No brainer there. LOL

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Thanks for your purchase. I have my printer busy making more as i type.

Just put more in stock and the printer is busy printing.

Just snagged one! :slight_smile:

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Very nice! Your roaster actually looks happier


It like a smile. Never though about it until you posted this.

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I received my deflector today. Attached easily with 2 of the existing screws. It looks like it was designed and installed at the factory.

Good job Shane!


Glad to hear you are pleased. I didn’t really plan on selling them, but after posting an image and having a couple people ask, I decided I needed to figure out how to make them available.

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Very neat Shane. Any chance you are going to restock these again? I would love to purchase one if you do.

Thanks, Jimmy

I just put 5 more in stock on Etsy. I will be printing more tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.

Just purchased one, cheers!

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Hmmm it is coming up as unavailable for me. Can I send you my address and Venmo you? Thanks!

Etsy put my account on hold for me to update my tax info. Submitted info last night, so should be resolved soon if you want to wait. You can also Venmo me $20 plus $3.75 (shipping).

Venmo account: @Shane-Kinton
last 4 digits of phone # 4924

Just send me your shipping info thru a private message and I will get it out to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

***** UPDATE *****

I am still having issues getting my accout with Etsy resolved (which appears to be a common issue), so i have two other options for purchasing:

1)private message me thru this forum with you address & i will give you my Venmo info for payment
2) follow link to FB marketplace

Thankfully my order via Etsy went thru and I’ve received it yesterday because I’m not on FB nor do I use Venmo. Now my Bullet has a nice smile :slight_smile: Looking forward to putting it to use this weekend when I have to roast 5.5 kgs. As @billc said, it looks like it is factory OEM.

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