3D printed bean deflector

Another update. For easier order processing, I have now set up a store for my coffee roasting on Square and made a category their for my 3D printed accessories. You can find the bean chute there and I have a couple other items that will be popping up soon.

Bite the Bullet Coffee - clever!

My deflector is due to be delivered, today!


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What else is in the works? I’ve been eyeing that deflector but if there’s other accessories you’re making I may wait and do one order for several items.

I don’t suppose you’ll be making the print files available for this? Totally understandable if not.

I am doing the Aillio exhaust adapters and I have a funnel that is used with manual burr coffee grinder by Javapresse. The funnel is used for filling the grinder from a bag of coffee to prevent spilling the beans. I am open to suggestions for other items. I am trying to think of a good way to prop open the door on the bullet when you drop the beans.

I might share it eventually.

I got my bean deflector today and it works great. I did have to run a drill bit through the holes by hand to get the screws through and use the original screws instead of the thumb screws I was using but I’m so glad to get rid of the aluminum foil pan fins that I was using.


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Got (and installed) my deflector, yesterday I decided that the slightly small screw holes weren’t a bug but a feature!. It was easy enough to thread the screws through, and, now, when I have to do a deep clean, those screws are held captive in the deflector and I don’t have to fumble the deflector and the screws together when reassembling.


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I intended originally for the screw holes to be free fitting, but when I test fit the first piece, I liked that it held the screws for me so I left it that way. Thank you for the feedback!

I didn’t have much issues and liked that I can put the screws into the deflector first. Doing my 5.5kg back to back and will report back of there are any issues with heat.

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It is really cool seeing it mounted on someones elses machine.

@shane1 it worked wonderfully well. Back-to-back 5 kg at 572F PH and 1lb at 410F PH later all dropping around 430F bean temp for the 1kg batches, I didn’t see any warping at all. It really looked like OEM part! :+1:t4: :pray:t4: :slight_smile:

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Does using the tryer not work for you?

Sounds good! I might make my own anyway.

You haven’t seen @billc 's hack then for the door handle :slight_smile: It’s a thing of beauty (I still haven’t gotten around to making one yet) - link here

Saw it. Just haven’t personally found a need for it.

I just hold it open. I don’t really see it as inconvenience to hold the door open for 10 seconds, but it might be a fun project to try and make something.

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I did see that, but thought about doing something a little different… mainly just because I thought it would be fun to design and make on my 3D printer.

How is this working for everyone when FULLY opening the door? I have the printed one here…

BUT I still get beans flying out sometimes. Curious if this would contain them.

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@carsononline if you’re asking about the one @shane1 designed which I test ran this weekend with 5kg roasts. When I drop the bean I open the door fully and prop it up with the tryer. It worked wonderfully well! I didn’t get flying beans all over the place. Hope that helps!