A-01 Error error?

The fan spins, then it doesn’t. I have done two recalibrations. The chaff collector, basket and fan are scrupulously clean (to begin with), and yet, upon charge, the A-01 pops up. Restart fan. Over and over again. If the fan is at 5 or less, it drops to 0. If at 9, it may drop to 2 or 3, or maybe 0. I have carried a roast manually this way, and at cool, the fan works like a charm. Could the circuit board be turning it off, rather than interference from the chaff collector? The fan’s spacing on the axle has worked perfectly prior to this, so, I’m not thinking this is the issue. This of course started two weeks before the the warranty expired, and was only sporadic. Now, it’s constant. And on every recipe, mine, and stashed. I’m totally stumped.

I have no clue, but my fan acted strange when I mounted it off rotation. The locking screw needed to mate with the flat part of the rotator rod. It made my fan behave strange and gave me A-01 error. I took the squirrel cage off and then put it back on correctly and everything was better.

This may have nothing to do with what you have going on.

Thanks. The set screw has always been aligned, in fact there’s one small half-circle cutout in one blade of the fan (squirrel cage) at exactly the right point, so that the hex wrench can access the set screw in the proper position.

Forgive me if you have already tried this:

Please make sure that the chaff catcher basket is inserted into the rubber seal and that the lip is trapped in the groove.

Here is a link (hopefully) to a different thread with an illustration.

If the staiinless screen chaff catcher is not trapped, it can push over against the fan and stall out.

Also, there needs to be a small gap between the inside edge of the fan blade and the inside wall of the Bullet exhaust chute.


Thanks, billc. Over the past two-and-a-half years, I have been careful to A) have the black gasket of the chaff collector properly seated “all the way around”, to B) have the chaff collection basket seated properly in the gasket (checking with my fingernail all the way around, and C) that the fan is not too close the inside wall, or the chaff catcher. It is not an old gasket or basket, I replace them regularly. The fan itself is the only original piece, other than the chaff collector housing.

I’m wondering if this could be in the circuitry rather than the hardware, as the problems started with some seriously weird heating, i.e. extremely hot at both ends, but just warm/hot in the middle. It hasn’t done that since, yet, my “conspiracy theory” is it damaged the panel. I have ZERO technical skills, so, if you’re thinking,“This guy’s an idiot,” I beat you to it😁.

Sorry Zacateller,
I didn’t realize that you had your bullet for as long as you have.

Have you noticed any odd temperatures in the info screen?

If you spin the fan by hand, does it feel normal and smooth.

It does sound like it maybe something in the control software that may be causing a problem.

At this point in time, I think your best course of action is to contact Aillio Cusotmer Service and get their help.

Good luck. (you’re not an idiot)

I had constant A-01 alarms. Did everything thinkable, fan calibration, cleaning , checked nothing was blocked, etc. After some back and forth emails with Aillio, they said they did not know why I was having an issue. They suggested I use Stable V605 firmware (I was using beta). I have done numerous roasts and have not had any issues. Hope this helps.

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Thank you both, wells1228 and rtuttleJr., I have been running 605 since it became the stable firmware, running 605 once when it was Beta, then going back down. I kinda play it safe, or so I thought. I must have done something wrong somewhere. Just can’t figure it out yet.

I was looking at your Error 42, IBTS CASING TEMPERATURE TOO HIGH post of last October, which was not too far from the time I had that very irregular heating of the roaster (extremely hot ends, warm to hot in the middle) and, while I can’t figure out why that occurred, is it possible that the IBTS and its circuitry is out of whack because of those very high temps? That is when all the trouble began.