A-08 Error

I have a new R1 v2 roaster with 10 roasts in. The past 3 or 4 roasts I continually get the A-08 error code after the roast is complete and it enters into the cooling phase. I’ve tried cleaning the chaffe area and filter but continue to get the error. Any suggestions?

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Doesn’t seem like 10 roasts is enough to cause a significant problem with smoke residue, but I’ll offer a few things that come to mind. First is that you should probably open a trouble ticket thru the Aillio help desk.

Per the on-line manual, code A-08 says there’s a problem with the exhaust fan spinning too fast:

Chaff filter is blocked or an external fan is making the exhaust fan spin too quickly. When the exhaust fan cannot suck enough air it will begin to stall. This means the RPM on the fan will increase. In cooling mode on F7 setting the R1 will compare the RPM to a threshold. If it’s above this threshold it could indicate that the chaff filter is blocked.

Another way for the RPM to be too high is if an external fan is directly connected to the R1, and it is causing too high an airflow.

In case you aren’t familiar with how a squirrel cage fan works, when the blades of the fan stall as they describe in the manual, that removes most of the load from the motor so it is able to spin a lot faster. That leads to the possibilities they describe-

  • Is there anything about the exhaust that fits the latter warning? Like adding an in-line fan that’s part of an exhaust system you’ve installed to get smoke outside the house?

  • And then there’s the filter in the chaff collector. As far as cleaning the screen of the filter, I use a stainless wire brush that I picked up at Home Depot (it was with the soldering equipment for copper plumbing). Really removes a lot of difficult stuff that a tooth brush just skips over.

  • One thought not mentioned in the manual… you might want to run the fan calibration procedure (Jacob posted the procedure here and I believe it’s also on the Aillio site). Since that procedure saves data about fan speed vs. fan F# setting, maybe there’s an error that has crept into the saved data since it’s looking at speed setting F7 specifically. Just wild speculation, but worth considering if you’re getting desperate.

  • And of course there’s always reloading the f/w (again related to the saved data for fan speed F7).

These are just self-help items. If they don’t work out, you’ll really need some input from Aillio.


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Rusty - couple of things to check. Examine how the exhaust fan is positioned on it’s axle. The fan should be set back slightly from the end of the axle, so that the tip extends slightly beyond flush. This configuration ensures that the fan is set back far enough from the rubber gasket that holds the chaff filter so that it doesn’t rub and stop the fan. Also, make sure that the chaff filter is completely and fully seated in the gasket. There is a groove, and if you spin the filter, and look carefully, you can determine if it is seated correctly or riding slightly above. Again, if the filter isn’t seated properly, it will push/deform the rubber gasket just enough to contact the fan and cause it to stop. Either misconfiguration will cause an A-08 error.

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Are you currently selling this machine?

I had the same error code. My issue was that by mistake I had the fan settings to the older fan version, bl-16, whereas it should have been bl-26.