Advice for Natural Ethiopia Fitsume (sweetmarias)

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I have recently been roasting a new natural processed Ethiopia Fitsume bean. For my preference it has been coming in too roasted at around 14.5%…I am aiming for around 12%. Every time though I approach FC with minimal development it places it around 14.7%…

Any thoughts or recs on how I could get it as light as possible? Thank you all!

If you’re not using a colour metre, there’s no way to tell if it’s light or not. The naturals have a lot more chaff and debris, so they will lose a bit more than others. 14% is OK. Here you may see 2 roasts with same weight loss, but one was light and the other medium light. The light one is the one that spent more time in development and also had a higher delta temperature. But you can’t extrapolate from any single part of the roast. If you can’t measure colour, there’s no way of knowing the level of your roast.

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awesome i appreciate it

what is your method for measuring colour?

I have just been measuring weight pre and post roast to determine my roast percentage level.

I am new to roasting and here to learn for sure

thank you!

I’ve bought the Roast Vision or Espresso Vision, before I knew you could make one yourself. That’s the cheapest option and here’s a link to the thread.

RT 4.3.2 addition to Color Meter dropdown - Feature Suggestions / Roast.Time Software - Roast World Community

You have the Tonino and Dipper as the next two options in terms of price, but they cost a lot more. The others, as lighttells, that go over 2000€, without mentioning how much coffee you waste to measure with those, are not worth considering. The expensive ones are not meant for the Bullet or any kind of small production. I’ll link the Rob Hoos article about these for further info.

A tale of two color meters… — Hoos Coffee Consulting

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awesome i appreciate this info!

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