All data being deleted

I have noticed recently anytime I roast, I will log the name, the weights at the start and end of the roast, write notes etc. I then will save it, close the app then reopen and random details on random profiles will just be deleted and I suddenly have a page of blank roast profiles?

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Same! You are not the only one.

This is a thread about that

Thanks! Starting to just make some handwritten notes whilst I use bullet now I think, just in case

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Good idea! I’ll have to do that too. Might be some metadata like sequential roast number that can be linked to the roast curve if you still can record those. But I have also had at least one roast completely disappear.

Also, I think I have older RoasTime software installs. If you still have those in your downloads.

Aillio is trying to get us to force update, but it has long been a known practice in the creative professional worlds to keep your computer offline when you find a stable software version. And only do updates when you can plan for down time, should an issue come up.

Firmware and software updates, as well as just going online are notorious for bugs, and are a SURE way to derail a small business or side hustle.

Have you tried roasting using artisan instead of roast time? I feel like if I can just have stable data I may as well log it on artisan?

I would, but the IGBT1 sensor is crucial to roasting on the Bullet.

If I had access to things like that, I’d just move to Artisan.

Also, RoasTime analytics for the individual offline experience are pathetic. Get on overlay, lol.

Aillio is like all modern Tex companies, and the customer is the product, as much as the product is. They are about data collection, so they don’t have incentive to give us offline tools to improve the experience.

But yeah, for support and better analytics you have to upload your data, that they say they cannot delete. They can only disassociate it from your account. So basically everyone using a bullet is at some point working for aillio for free. Modern day slave labor. Haha.

Artisan is superior in that you can add more inputs than just the IBTS and Bean probe.

But RoasTime is a requirement for firmware updates.

Aslo, RoasTime is better if you want to share information with other Bullet users. I can’t really show you what I did on Artisan and truly help others.

RoasTime is essentially a requirement for getting tech support remotely, as well.

Even though I had a simple issue of the IGBT1 sensor overheating, and I kept telling tech support the temps in my roasting area, they still couldn’t give me any info until I uploaded my roasts. They could have asked me to just monitor the IGBT1 number, and that would have helped, but they didn’t. They had me upload my roasts which I have been very vocal about not wanting to do on this forum, and they had me move to buggy software.

I use artisan for my other larger production roaster and checked and there is a configuration for the bullet to use the bean probe or if you want the infrared. I personally don’t like using the infrared as I find once it gets a bit dirty the read out isn’t very accurate compared to a roast where the sense was more clean.


IBTS infrared is a nice secondary or additional tool. It sucks for flavor, and is unreliable too quickly. Requiring awkward cleaning routine.

One wonders, because it does happen, if bugs are occasionally just a way of getting additional data for their machine learning program? Like if they force the majority of us to be on the same software they can selectively or unilaterally implement bugs to see how we react and then use that as data points

That is the main thing I dislike about tech companies. We are the product to them. The difference is that things like instagram are free, but the Bullet is being used as a sample roaster in specialty roasting companies across the world, and yeah, we’re all in for a rude awakening when robots start roasting “better than Starbucks” like most of us.

But the main thing is just the emphasis of a company that is more interested in machine learning than the success of the roasters using the product. Because Aillio’s long term success is not in selling bullets, so their motivations are in a different place.

You can see that in what tools they give us for offline use.

Another example, the engineers opted for the IBTS as a sensor instead of exhaust temp. This is likely for data collection purpose more than helping us roast better flavor.

IBTS monitors two things accurately:

  • Yellowing
  • First Crack

But as a human roaster, I don’t need a machine to tell me when I see yellow or when I hear first crack, but a machine analytics tool does need IBTS. Because the machine isn’t seeing or tasting, but relying on data points.

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@adminjs7d Are you able to replicate this? Would love to see a video of some sort so we can try your same flow. We have been trying to track down this bug, but have been unable to.

There isn’t really a video to show but I will attach a picture that shows what a full list of recorded roasts looks like when I come back the next day and all the data goes. I am not sure if network connection has anything to do with it? I have occasional issues with artisan as well at the moment, where I finish a roast and the software crashes and I don’t have the roast recorded. Where I roast I do not have access to wifi, could this cause the issues?

That looks exactly like what is happening with RT4 over here too.