Anyone have a photo of the inside of the roaster without drum?

I’ve searched, just want to know what the inside looks like without the drum installed. Found plenty of photos of the face plate off, and even videos for changing out the drum, but not a single photo of the insides once the drum has been removed.

TIA! :blush:

OK, maybe not? I don’t feel quite as stupid now for not being able to find one! :wink:

Here is one from a Bullet in for service.


Thank you @jacob! Not quite what I was expecting. Is that a glass or mica insulation tube? Any photos of what it looks like under that?

It’s a mica insulation cylinder. Between that and the outer shell is insulation material.
Anything in particular you are trying to achieve?

I appreciate the reply @jacob ! I am not trying to achieve anything in particular, I am just curious what the guts look like. I’m an engineer…. :wink: Needing to understand the why and how of my machine is in my DNA. :+1:

My roaster should be here tomorrow!!! :smiley:


Which field of engineering are you in?

Aerospace. :slight_smile: