Anyone using current MacBook Air successfully?

Currently have R1 roaster and using an old MacBook Air (probably the first year they came out) and it’s on its last days. Looking at the new MacBook Air with Apple chip and was wondering if anyone is using this combo and could share experiences. Also considering updating to the newer R2 roaster, so feedback on that combo would be welcome as well. Many thanks in advance!

Hey @steve,

I think there’s a few users using the M1 Macbooks with RoasTime. Here are a few threads that can help with this question:

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Hi @steve,

I’m running a new R2 roaster with a MacBook Air (Early 2015) with the 2.2 GHz Dual-core Intel i7 processor and 8GB ram.

It’s been super solid for me.


Thank you Greg. It sounds like everything will work. I appreciate all the good feedback!

Thank you!

@steve, I’ve been using a 14" M1 MacBook Pro since the start of the year and the only problem I have is I keep forgetting to get retrieve USB-C to A dongle at the same time I drag the computer out to the patio to connect it to the roaster(which is a V2, upgraded from 1.5). Ordering a C-to-mini USB cable today to fix that!

Seriously, no issues at all. Should be no functional difference between an M1 MBP and MacBook Air.

Thanks so much. I found this cable that’s I think is going to be the right one. Do you concur?

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That’s the one I ordered. @bradm mentioned it working well here a few days back. I went with the 6ft version.

Just upgraded my old 2015 Macbook Pro to a new Macbook air due to numerous issues - one of which the Bullet would not connect to the old laptop. I am up and running with no issues! You should be Golden. I am looking forward to start roasting - I’ve got 50 lbs to roast in the next few weeks.

I am using a Bullet R1 V2 with my M1 MacBook Air (stock config). Absolutely no issues.



I dont have any problem with RoasTime and MBP M1. I just makes damn good coffe.

I’m using the new MacBook M1 air with the R2 and it works great. Just need to by an adapter for the mini C port but otherwise all works well. Also use it on a PC and all syncs up. However lately with the new software update to roastime I noticed the app crashes sometimes mid roast! They will hopefully fix this on the next update