Artisan 2.x and Bullet r1v2?

I’ve read these don’t work together. With Artisan I’ve tried just importing a json file to analyse which gives error codes. Anyone had any success? I have read this here but it seems perhaps not as current. Artisan 2.0 and Aillio Bullet R1 V2

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Artisan can be used if you install the legacy drivers if you’re on Windows. You can’t run RoasTime and Artisan on the same machine due to driver differences. What json file are you trying to import ?

I realize this is an old thread, but can you use artisan on Mac with the bullet?

There is a build of Artisan for the Mac and it should support the Aillio(s) as a device across all the platforms, so no reason it wouldn’t. I seem to recall Marko mentioning there was a MacOS issue with the latest “stable” build so he advised using the nightly/developer build instead which has the issue fixed. Something Apple changed at the last minute which caught them out.

That should allow you to switch out the software of your choice - Windows RoasTime and MacOS Artisan…just move the USB cable…

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Hey Stuart,

Just so I understand you correctly, if I get a Mac I can use Artisan?


I have used Artisan on a Macbook Pro in the past so yes, Artisan still support MacOS as far as I can tell from the site…

But honestly with the work that Matthew and crew have put into the revised RoasTime 3.x I’ve not used Artisan in a month or so. The main features I wanted implemented were the prediction/extrapolation to let me see if I was on track for my profile goals without doing mental mathematical gymnastics to calculate RoR future estimates…

Artisan has a more “advanced” roast analyzer, but I don’t pretend to be able to make head nor tail of what it is trying to tell me. I often think of OS analogies - RoasTime is kinda like MacOS - does what you need up front, don’t look too much behind the curtain. Artisan is kinda like Linux - you do have a GUI but theres a bewildering array of options and some of them honestly aren’t very clearly documented. A lot of the documentation is written by the developers. Which honestly isn’t always the best way. If you already know how something works, it’s easy to leave your audience behind…


Thanks for the input Stuart. I am still brand new to Roastime so I am still figuring my way around. I only have a peripheral interest in Artisan, just through hearing others talk about it.

I think the analogy of Mac vs Linux makes a lot of sense!

Hey! Did you ever get Artisan working on the Mac?

Very interested in this myself so would be a big help if you had some success.


Anyone have any success installing artisan with R1 V2 using a windows 10? I was looking at following this and crowd sourcing prior → Aillio - artisan (

Where are you trying to import the json files into?

The main issue is using the “old” libusb-win drivers that no longer ship with the latest RT release. RT now uses winusb so if you install Artisan, it’s not going to see the R1.

I’ve used Zadig utility in W10 to switch from one driver to another to allow use of either. You can’t use both at the same time and if you switch the driver to the one that works with Artisan, RT won’t see the R1 until you switch the driver back. So it’s an EITHER|OR choice.

One downside to the Artisan code is that although it it currently listed as a supported device, there is nobody in the Artisan group who codes, who has one. So if you discover an issue (as I did) you may have to do some digging through source code to find the problem and point it out to them to fix it.

Since Matthew and crew started revising RT3.x with new features, I have stopped running Artisan. If you have some edge case where you want to customize everything, then Artisan may still be in your wheelhouse (think MacOS vs Linux). And despite the moans about software issues with recent releases of RT, be aware that Artisan isn’t 100% perfect. Sometimes I’d run a roast and nothing would graph - I’d reset to a new session with nothing changed and it started working again…

My 2c


Actually it has come to light that (at least for now) the current release of RoastTime (3.x) will in fact work with the “old” libusb-win driver. So you could install the “old” driver and then choose Artisan or RoasTime by just launching whichever you want to use that session. NOTE you can’t have both running at the same time because they fight for the USB port - whoever gets there first wins and locks the other out,

Now I don’t know how long that loophole is going to stay open…