Back to back roasts

Newbie question.
While attempting back to back roasts, I can switch from cool cycle to preheat for the next batch, it seems the fan for the cooling tray shuts off.
Is there a practical way to continue the cooling tray while getting ready to charge the next batch?

Not sure if you tried this but according to the FAQ:

To start a new roast while the beans are still being cooled down, press F1 in the Bean Cooling mode. The clock display will show bAC indicating that you are doing a back to back roast. To begin again, set your pre-heat temperature and press PRS. To stop the cooling tray, press F2 to toggle to the C value, which is the speed of the cooling tray and press the down button to lower the speed. Once 0 is reached, the option to control the cooling tray will disappear and only fan and drum speed will be available using F2

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

And be aware of an undocumented feature - if you press F1 to initiate BaC mode, if you haven’t already switched to cooling tray setting with F2, you’re out of luck. Pressing F2 from that point doesn’t switch fan control indication - your arrows will change the speed of the cooling tray fan but you won’t see what number. And if you get to zero by accident, too bad…

Yes. I have reported it and its still there in the last stable FW to my knowledge