Bearing in Door


Deep cleaning and my bearing sticks in the front door rather than staying on the shaft. I’d like to clean it but I don’t want to damage it removing it from the door. Any thoughts out there?..or should I continue to try to tap it out?

That’s as designed: it’s a press fit and is intended to stay in the front panel. Just clean as best you can trying to keep cleaning fluids out of the race. I haven’t seen any issue from this approach in 2.5 yrs of regular use. I do have a few spares on hand just in case but have so far had no need.

Keep track of the washers on the front of the drum shaft: they are spacers and are used to establish the clearance between the front of the drum and the front plate. The thickness was selected to get the clearance exactly right.


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Thanks for the reply. I was unsure since a deep cleaning vid I was viewing as a guide had shown the bearing separate from the front panel. Was that an earlier version of the Bullet?

Most likely the bearing had been removed so many times the bearing had loosened. As far as I know the bearing in the V1 was a light press fit as well. I believe (within a range of tolerances) owners need to use a “persuader”.


Does anybody know the size/dimension of the drum washers? Lost one while cleaning and can’t find one that matches locally.

Good timing, just doing a cleaning. The washer behind the bearing on the faceplate end of the shaft looks like 10mm x 16mm x 1mm: