Beep and RES when plugging in

So I have 400 roast and about 300kg roasted on my Buller R1 V1.5. Over the last week I had error 004 come up a few times and now when I plug the Bullet in it beeps at me 10 times while saying “rES” on the screen. Any thought on what is going on?

I also can’t hit first crack on time and my IR Bean temps when the events do happen are off compared to my first 400 roast. Example, first crack always happened at 9:30 at 400F. Now its happening at 10:30 and 410F, even if I keep the power cranked the entire way.

My log in RT is showing:



Anyone? Aillio?? I wish it said in the manual why the roaster might be beeping and saying “rES” when being plugged in??

Hopefully, someone from Aillio will respond, but you should know that the Aillio folks often disappear from this forum for weeks at a time, without warning. They have not proven to be reliably responsive to their customers.

When they show back up, they usually have a reasonable excuse. Why they don’t simply announce their hiatuses (hiati?) ahead of time is beyond me.

That said, try searching the forum for your issue. You may even have to read through a bunch of threads. I think this issue has come up, but I can’t say for sure and I don’t remember the resolution.

Best of luck.

Thanks, I did spend some time looking through some thread titles and nothing seems to pop up.

Is there anywhere to find what the log numbers mean from RT? I don’t know if it is because of the RT update or what, but it is suddenly spurting off endless log numbers.

Fun stuff!



No place that I know of. I think the log numbers are only intelligible to Aillio. There are some error codes listed in the manual, but I don’t think that helps, here.

Sorry I can’t really help.


Per manual, A-4 means ambient temp is too high. I’ve had this error as I roast outside and it can get really hot in SE Arizona. Per Specs, max ambient temp is 30C or about 86F. I don’t recall that I had reduced power but… ?? Having the error before you start roasting, however, suggests (to my mind) a hardware issue like a dead fan (coil fan? exhaust fan?). If you bought from Sweet Maria’s maybe that’s your next path. Julio was very responsive when I had an exhaust fan issue.


Thanks Bruce. That makes sense. I was surprised the couple times the A-04 came up as I live in Port Renfrew Canada. If we hit 75F here everyone runs around like the world is ending.

On my last roast my IBTS started bouncing all over the place. I am going to take the front cover off and check that out. Although I can’t see why the machine would have less power if the IBTS is blocked. For 750g roast I pretty much had to leave it at P9 the entire way and still have a super light first crack.

Sounds like outside temps shouldn’t an issue unless something is blocking air flow at the rear of the Bullet or the exhaust of something warm is near the air inlet. I believe the air path for the drum is the fan at the bottom of the rear plate where the rear bearing and motor are mounted. Blockage in the chaff collector or exhaust fan failure ought to cause an A-2 error, not A-4.

While checking the connections in the control panel, also check the vision path of the IBTS toward the drum/beans- no chaff, bean parts, illegal Americans, whatever.

Tried to find the recent exchange about this same A-4 failure but failed. I think it said they had contacted Aillio customer support (via and had gotten good help from them, but… ??


Edit: I wonder if a loose/intermittent connection on the power board could make the power output appear to be reduced… ?? Might be worth a look.

I had the ambient temperature error after a firmware upgrade - Jacob said it was because for the non v2 power boards they lowered the limits so although my roasting room was a little on the warm side, it flipped the alert because of that. He said they were going to revise those back in a future release. I think I just reverted back to a non-beta firmware as Jacob said most of the changes in the Beta were to accommodate tweaks for the V2 board and had nothing to offer for V1.

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Aaahh… you were the one. Should have recalled that about f/w rev vs. power board version. Thanks for that.

Did you contact aillio support?
I had the ‘reset an beep’ message, when my IBTS sensor was not recognized by the Bullet. It resets itself to the IR mode then. You can check in which mode you are. IBTS mode lets you pre heat to max. about 310 c. And IR mode to a much lower temp 210 c. or something like that.
You can also check if the IBTS fan is running in the info panel.

As far as I know this forum is not a public version of Aillio customer support. If you have a malfunction on the Bullet, the best thing to do is contact Aillio support. In my experience they answer swift.

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Thanks. It it still letting me pre-heat to 310C and my “IR Fan RPM” is showing a number. 6000rpm at the moment, in preheat mode.


I see, 6000 is a bit low. It usually is 12000 or higher. The Bullet senses the rpm of the IBTS sensor to determine whether there is a IBTS sensor working. In my case the IBTS sensor started when cold a bit slowish and therefore triggered the bullet to switch to the IR mode. Once warm and working it switched back to IBTS mode. All switches went with beeping and reset messages.

Thanks Peter. I emailed Aillio so hopefully it makes for an easy fix. Did the just send you a new one to install?

Here is a screen shot from mid roast. Just before bread.

No, they did not send a new one. They made a change in the firmware, so the rpm of the sensor is measured a little bit later, giving the fan some more time to get up to revs.


I know you’re already working with support. They sent another reply. We’ll get it up and running. :wink: