Best way to mount roaster to cart

I plan to use my Bullet on a metal AV cart and I would like to mount the roaster onto the cart to make sure it doesn’t slide off as I move the cart in and out of my garage. Can anyone suggest a clever way of doing it that doesn’t require drilling the roaster’s legs? Thanks.

You can try a piece of woodboard and saw holes in it at the position of the legs. But you still have to attach the board to the card in a certain way.

To prevent theft of my bullet, I attached a spoke in the hole of the pin at the back. I mean the pin I have to pull to remove the chaffcollector. Perhaps you can use this too to prevent the bullet partially from moving.

The feet of the bullet are hollow. I drilled four screws in the wooden board where my bullet sits on, just under where the feet of the Bullet sit on the board, screws stick out a bit into the hollow feet and so prevent the Bullet from moving.

@bertje1959’s idea of a piece of wood sounds best to me.

I’d “simplify” it by either gluing or screwing a few smaller pieces of wood (or any material about 1/2" [12mm] thick, really) to the cart as “stops” for the feet. You could enclose 3 sides of a pair of opposing feet (like both back feet). That should do it. Or, you could capture front and sides of all 4 feet.

Or, you could use a good plastic cement to glue little tabs onto the ends of all 4 legs. If you have holes in at least 2 of the tabs, you can screw the Bullet directly down to the cart. If you do this, I think having the tabs point somewhere under the Bullet would be best - either have the ones on the right going left and vice versa, or the on front going back and vice versa. That way, you can do it without increasing the overall footprint of the machine. The key would be to use lock washers on top of the feet, pass the bolts down through the cart, and put a nut under the shelf. Alternatively, if you can get square holes in the tabs, you can use a square-shouldered carriage bolt.

However you do it, don’t forget that you’ll want to be able to clean it, occasionally. Try not to make cleaning a bigger chore than it has to be.

And now I see that @Peter_van_Wijk has another really good idea. You have options!

My choice would be to have the Bullet still removable than fixed to a surface. So, the idea (above) of mounting a wood (or aluminum) barrier around the outside base of the 4 legs seems the easiest to implement. It would still allow you to lift the Bullet and move it if necessary. Home Depot and Lowes carry a variety of Aluminum Angle that would provide the vertical barrier and a flat surface to mount the aluminum to your cart’s top. I use that stuff quite a bit in home projects…

Aluminum Angle

Thank you all for your suggestions. Now to find that piece of plywood I put aside 10 years ago for just eventuality :slight_smile:

I have mine on a portable cart. No problem with the roaster sliding at all.


Looks like you have the same cart I bought. Is that the medium sized cart? That turned out to be too large for the space I have so I have the small version arriving today. You have a nice arrangement.

At first glance I thought you were using the shop vac as an in-line fan with the ducting, but I don’t see a connection. How are you getting the exhaust out of your garage?

I agree that “portable” whether it is a large power tool or this roaster is the way to go. I always like the option of moving things around my shop.

There is a thread on external ventilation here. External Ventilation options

pnrenton was sending the smoke under the slightly open garage door which is shown in one of his other photos in that thread.

This cart.

The exhaust is vented by flexible duct. I have an in-line fan to help with venting.

The ShopVac is just to help clean out the chaff post roast.