Bullet 101 videos

So I have been debating on making a series of short videos just to show some of the bullet basics to either new owners or people researching. I went ahead and did one about the chaff collector. Do you guys think something like this would be helpful and worth the effort? Do you think it would help answer some of the basic Qs that get asked all the time?

Aillio Bullet R1: Emptying the chaff collector
Aillio Bullet R1: Cleaning the IR Sensor
Aillio Bullet R1: ERR Error (loose cable error)


I think it will be really helpfull for many people :blush:

I figured I would go ahead and film them as i do them. They are not much work and I have certainly searched for bullet videos before…

I commented on the youtube video as below. Please read.

“As much as we really appreciate the videos, I have to point out that the IR Glass should NEVER be touched on the other side - the side facing the sensor. The coating is extremely fragile and it will void the warranty. A replacement window is 50US$
Please do not take it out unless you absolutely have to.”

I will add a pop-up warning to my video to make it clear to others. I apologize, I did not quite understand how serious it was.