Bullet Display No Longer Working

I’m on a Bullet V2 using the latest firmware. Tonight I was in the middle of a roast when all of a sudden the display stopped changing and the roaster was no longer accepting my commands. Eventually I unplugged the roaster and plugged it back in, and now the roaster’s display isn’t turning on. I’m also noticing a blinking red light under the roaster on the control board. What’s happening?

It may be as simple as a poor connection in the control panel pedestal or the power board underneath. Unless you’re into Easter egg hunts & pondering the unsolvable, what you need is someone that can read the codes thrown by the roaster and interpret them. The codes are on the server, so it’s probably best to contact Aillio Support and start a trouble ticket (Aillio → Contact → Tech Support). They’ll lead you thru trouble shooting the problem. I’ve had great help from their support.


An update, I’m pretty sure what was happening was that smoke was backing up due to a dirty chaff basket and causing some safety switch to trip somewhere. I couldn’t tell this was happening at the time but the next day I have the whole roaster a deep cleaning and it hasn’t happened since.

I ahave the same problem, the screen lights are off, there is a fan sound, and there is no other control, is there any solution??emphasized text

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