Bullet R1 from Sweet Maria's purchased this month

This just in from the Dumb Question Department …

Hello, new to Roast World and getting acquainted with my roaster. I’m trying to determine two things: First, what version is my roaster? I’m guessing V1.5, but I can’t seem to find anything to confirm this. If it helps, my roaster S/N is 1558. Second, is my roaster equipped with the IBTS upgrade? If not, what are the advantages of upgrading?

That’s v 1.5. Wouldn’t it be nice if they told you that?

And since they won’t tell you what firmware you need, I will. For IBTS, you have to use 475, or later. At the moment, I think that means you have to select “beta” firmware, rather than the stable version. You also will need to use the latest beta of RoasTime, to see things labelled properly.

They keep saying they’re going to fix this confusion, but… crickets.

Welcome to the [frustrated] club!

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Thanks for the quick response CelticCupCoffee. So from your response, I’m gathering I have the the IBTS, but won’t see things labeled as such without the beta firmware and software in use. Am I understanding that correctly?

You need the beta software (RoasTime) to see proper labels and beta firmware for the roaster to operate properly - especially the pre-heat and over-temp functions.

And make sure you read the manual carefully and use the temperatures recommended for v1.5. Using temps for the original version will produce really crappy coffee. Ask me how I know…

Yes, now that I know I have V1.5 and IBTS, I have a better idea how to read the manual. I’ve been roasting with a Gene Cafe for years and didn’t have much to adjust in terms of roast parameters, but now it’s like I’m learning how to roast all over again.

I have Scott Rao’s book that I got for Christmas several years ago which I can now try to apply. By the way, do you all find maintaining the constantly decreasing RoR is easier via fan speed? I was trying to drop power and saw too much of a dip.

Jon, my R1 was just delivered from Sweet Maria tonight. I was wondering the same questions, so glad you asked them.

I decided in the limited time I had to roast tonight, to just use the Control Panel to complete two seasoning roasts. I plan to install the software tomorrow…seasoning roasts went quite well.

I’m moving from a Gene, too, and been reading back over Scott Rao’s book this week waiting for my roaster.

Keep in touch.

When he placed his order on SM, it was clearly stated that it was v 1.5. Believe me, I know- I was on there every day!

That’s curious.

Looking at the current info on the site, I don’t see a mention of v1.5, nor do I remember reading such, when I placed my order on January 3. I confess, though, that I was not on the site every day (either before or since).

Maybe it only showed up when YOU were looking, Milt.

You are correct Milt, I was on the site quite often as well. I also confirmed in an email with SM that the last shipment would be V1.5. It was also confirmed on the Aillio Bullet User Group on Facebook.

It may have been indicated on the site when I purchased it, but I didn’t know I should care until I started using the roaster, at which point there was no reference to the version at Sweet Maria’s. That’s why I inquired here.

I’m puzzled- did you buy a new Bullet roaster from SM? If you did (and your serial number seems to indicate that), then you have a V2 roaster equipped with the IRBT sensor. A V1.5 roaster would indicate a pre-2019 Bullet which has had the temp probes replaced (?) with the IRBT sensor (and the earlier power control board). Dunno what the range of serial numbers was pre-V2.

Here’s a link to the Aillio site indicating V2 as the current build.

I bought from that batch as well–my serial number’s something in the 16xx range (I’m not in front of it right now to be more specific.) The product page at SM’s site was clear for at least a few days on either side of the order window being open that this batch was going to be v1.5. Sometime after they sold out, that language was removed from the site. I also had thought, or the best I could find in my research, is that the v2 board wasn’t yet ready in a 110v version.

The Aillio site does list v2 as the current build, but also mentions what seems like a wild guess estimate of a three month direct order lead time, so it’s certainly possible if not likely they’re building but not shipping v2 units yet.

I have S/N 1548 from that March 5th batch at Sweet Marias. Not a founder level number, but still an early adopter IMO.

I think it’s clear from the pace of change, some of the things folks are going through that seem a lot like growing pains on Aillio’s part, along with some of the things @Jonas and @Jacob have talked about that we are all early adopters–and will be for a while. I’d certainly say that if there’s another roaster/software ecosystem that seems to live in the modern software development paradigm like this one does, I haven’t heard of it.

Fortunately, I bought in with eyes open and am relatively okay with that (as long as I can keep the equipment running or get it back online quickly, that is.)

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My S/N is 1588

All bullets sold recently up until now are v 1.5- although Aillio isn’t selling v1.5 any longer, v2 hasn’t been produced. 220V will lead with 110V to follow, as I understand. I ordered my v2 from Aillio in February and am hoping I’ll take delivery by May.

I would rather see lots of activity, development, and testing (with all the messiness that entails) than to have bought a piece of equipment like the Bullet with all its potential for technical advances and hear crickets on that front. The constant churn of ideas and testing gives me comfort that my investment was a good one, because there are developers tweaking and improving out loud right here. I tend to wait for the stable release of any software that is going through development cycles, but if I see a feature I really want to test and help to improve, I’ll jump right in and be the guinea pig for folks like @Jonas and @Jacob to test things on.


I’m with you entirely on that front. One of the big draws to the Bullet for me was, as @Jonas and @Jacob put it, to be a part of “the world’s biggest coffee lab.” After all, if what I was looking for was a solid, stable piece of equipment I could dial in, simply maintain, and that was never going to change on me there are a lot of other great roasters to choose from. I love the idea that I’m bought into a platform with the potential for new and great things that this one has, though I realize that also means I’ve likely foregone what might be a more “frustration-free” setup.

ETA: #1667 here.

This is a real break-through in electric coffee roasters that I’ve waited for years to see. Having owned other (smaller 225g) electric drum roasters, there was no user interaction like we are having here with Aillio. That is a real change and I too am happy to be a part of helping them.

I agree here. I looked and could not find on SM website, so emailed them. They confirmed it was a V1.5. I am waiting for the V2, or may just order from Taiwan.