Bullet R1 hang during roasting

I just updated new IBTS, update firmware 475, fresh install Roastime 2.1.0 beta on new Mac.

Yesterday after done everything I have to plug and unplug Bullet a few times.

  1. Today during preheating Bullet to 250c I connected USB to my mac and notice RoastTime not connected and Bullet R1 hang unresponse. Need to unplug the power cord to restart Bullet.
  2. Plug and unplug USB cable a few times. Start roasting for 1 min. Bullet R1 hang again.
  3. Restart everything finish one roasting without problem. Then press BAC for the next roasting.
  4. Start 2nd roasting after 4-5 min. mark yellow on RoasTime and notice Bullet R1 hang again. Could to press anything. Drum keep moving but no power. Try unplug USB to roast without tethering to Mac. But cannot no heat at all. Have to drop the bean.
  5. Get the old mac install RoasTime 2.0.8 beta. Run the 2nd and 3rd batch smoothly no problem.

I am not sure the cause of problem old MacBook run OS 10.11.6 but new macboook run OS10.13.6.
Is it Mac OS problem or RoasTime version problem?

Upgrade to Roastime 2.2.0 seems to solve all problem.

I recall the IBTS instructions said after upgrading firmware to disconnect the USB cable when restarting the R1 for the first time, then reconnect USB. Some folks did not remove the USB cable at all and experienced zombie unresponsive R1 during subsequent runs…

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In my situation yesterday, I was working with a version 1.5 Bullet with the IBTS installed from the factory. There was no on-screen alert (or information included with the Bullet) to unplug the USB cable and cycle power on the unit after having performed a Firmware update. I had to figure out that one via my own troubleshooting ideas.

I’m wondering if the Firmware update problem is a new condition associated with IBTS (in general) whether it is installed as a post-production option or included from the factory. Also, will this problem be triggered every time I do a Firmware update?

It probably wouldn’t hurt to get into the habit of doing a “disconnected” restart of the R1 when doing a firmware update, much like I delete some preferences when updating my phone…easy to do and can save some premature hair loss…

Too late for me to prevent hair-loss, :upside_down_face:

Yes, without knowing what exactly triggers the paralyzed Bullet-i-tis issue within the Bullet’s software/firmware, “workarounds” are the solution at-hand.

In another, older, thread here, I found a link to some directions I hadn’t seen before:

Manual Bootloader.pdf (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MDtW4abuwd1eMoUEp6-76jKLpduF_x7s/view)

I’m not sure if the actual sequence to force the unit into the boot loader is still a good/valid way to break out of a hung update, but what’s interesting is it may be the closest thing I’ve seen to official instructions that make mention anything that looks like a “disconnected” restart or a suggestion to remove the USB cable.

I think that, between the anecdotal experiences I’ve seen of folks in this forum and the document I found, I’ll probably make a point of disconnecting the USB when the time comes that I have to do a firmware upgrade.

Interestingly, I’ve just re-skimmed the actual manual and it appears not to have any sort of firmware update directions, which feels like a significant oversight for a piece of kit where point 2 of the “Do’s and Don’ts” list in the support section of the website implores users to keep firmware up to date…

I saw that “Bootloader” PDF yesterday when I was searching for an answer to my hosed Bullet after having just completed my first Firmware update. Reading that Bootloader article, it appeared (to me) that it was a last ditch procedure for clearing the firmware. Kind of reminded me of the old PC days of clearing CMOS on a motherboard.

I decided that process was a pretty radical thing to do and kept thinking of how I could fix my Bullet without shorting two contact points on the control panel. The USB disconnect was the solution (at least yesterday). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That process definitely looked radical and last ditch (good to know it’s there though!) To me the more interesting bit was the almost-afterthought at the end that mentions disconnecting the USB for the post-update power cycle.

Heh, I didn’t read that last line in the doc. Too funny as that now seems the be the first thing the User should do. :grin: