Calibrated vs. Uncalibrated Blower Fan



I’m not seeing much of a difference between calibrated and uncalibrated…

As a matter of fact, my uncalibrated looks low. I double checked the uncalibrated 3 times…

Ive seen numbers from 2 other roasters…ver different than each other and both different than mine.


When Calibration was introduced in April with f/w 507, there had been no FA, FB or FC setting option and the biggest setting-to-setting speed differences were at the low end starting below F1 thru F6. Your Uncalibrated data looks not a lot different than the Calibrated data. I wonder if the original Uncalibrated range has disappeared, replaced with a better starting point… ?? You were around when this was introduced- did you happen to do a chart back then to compare to?



I bought my V2 bullet new around a month ago. Here is my calibrated vs uncalibrated fan


I just recently calibrated the fan. Prior to that, I didn’t look at what my fan speeds were. I assumed they would be close to what Jacob posted.

FYI…FA, FB and FC have always been available… in his post, Jacob just didn’t show them because he implied that they were untouched by calibration.

One thing to note… I don’t have a chaff basket in the chaff collector… maybe because of that, the fan doesn’t feel as much resistance, so doesn’t spin as fast? IDK…