Calibrating Fan Preowned Roaster

I have a preowned roaster and do not know if the previous owner calibrated the fan. Is there a way to determine if it was? I don’t know if I should press the top left button or the -/+ together to start out.

I don’t know the consequences of calibrating it under the wrong circumstances so I haven’t done so.


Go to roasting mode, connect RT, monitor the RPM in the info panel.
At F1 the RPM should be about 600-700, then add 200 RPM for each increase in setting.

Thanks Jacob, I did as you instructed. Here are my results Im not sure of the results would you recommend calibration?


F1 660
F2 870
F3 1110
F4 1305
F5 1500
F6 1680
F7 1860
F8 2100
F9 2325
FA 2580

That looks about right.

@ Jacob,
Is there any reason not to run or re-run the fan calibration?

No reason, just follow the manual.

No reason not to. Just there is a different procedure for the first calibration. I don’t know why but didn’t want to give myself some unknown issue down the road.