Chaff not going in the chaff collector

…fwiw, I’ve seen million dollar setups get shut down due to airflow woes, so I’m not saying the bullet is alone in having airflow issues, but there are specific short comings that have to be accounted for in any system.

Is there a way to ensure it stays in that position?

Good point. I’ve down two tare downs so maybe I didn’t put it back together well. I just find it odd that one has chaff getting stuck and the other doesn’t. I could measure how far the drum is from the front plate to check

The metal plate section has to interleave with the plastic tab grooves on plastic casing side.

And the rear gasket I’ve seen chaff build up there, and in the main duct. As if things aren’t blowing down. But maybe there’d be too much heat loss if it weren’t that way?

Anyway, I can’t get a balanced even roast out of my bullet that doesn’t suffer from some roast defect. The cup I’m drinking this morning is passable. But it feels like I am cooking on a stove top with a draft in the room, and never getting reliable heat application, and not getting even or predictable results.

Also, I used to see a nice stream of smoke coming up from the vent, even at F2 and F3, but now I don’t. The exhaust is kind of invisible and gentle, even at F4. But somewhere around F7 something changes and suddenly it is both surprisingly low draw and drawing too much at the same time. I’ll mess with my fan calibration again, as I just updated my software and about to update to firmware 610.

I haven’t had a tasty roast in over a year. Pretty much since moving up to 1lbs, i have never gotten much that I am happy with. Though the occasional 200-250 gram batches come out nice. (At 1lbs, i do get nearly good batches, but never a fully good one. Like the cup I had this morning was almost good. )

Also, I believe, depending on how you position your rear vent (hampered wheel) fan, you may get more or less suction. May have to confirm with aillio support on that.

I’ve replied in the other thread, but let me just say that leaving the door open while in cooldown will not affect roasting. It might influence the cooldown process (faster or slower, whichever it is), but once you start roasting and close the door, the machine does not remember it was open before.