Change in PH temperature profile after a Deep Clean

I have been doing a deep clean of the Bullet every 30Kgs or so with a less intensive clean every 10Kgs of greens. Yesterday, I did a deep clean in the afternoon. Later in the evening, when I got roasting found out that my Bullet was behaving like a completely different roaster than the one I had, preheat temperature wise.

I do 1 KGs roasts with a PH of 300C. I usually get the charge prompt at about 24+mins with the BT around 195C+. After the deep clean, I got the prompt at about 16+mins with the BT around 180C+.

The difference between the IBTS and BT before IBTS reached the target temperature is around 130C (for the past 180+ roasts). Yesterday it was about 150C.

Has anyone faced this issue in the past? Did the PH profile go back to normal with time?

Sounds odd… like there was something in the IBTS view-port that fell away. Unless someone here offers a specific experience, it might be wise to ask Aillio support for input. I would guess the change throws off your roast profile significantly.


Edit- keep in mind that IBTS is what determines you’re at the correct Preheat temp, not BT. BT only has to be stable and above some minimum to go to Charge (don’t recall that minimum).

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Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same issue now.

Hello Cash,

I can think of 2 reasons may cause such incident:

1- the sensor was not clean after long use, and it wasn’t reading the heat properly.

2- the space mass inside the roaster was less due to the ashes and the shafts, that would lead to things, first increase the pressure, second preheat requires longer time.

I am more into the second reason, and If I wasn’t mistaken, after cleaning, the profile itself will change, specifically if you were using recipes, the very same recipe will take longer roast time during execution.

I noticed the same issue when I do not clean the shafts and the rare filter. Filter holes when they blocked, they increase the pressure inside roaster and lead to shorter roast time.

I may be wrong, but that the only logical explanation I can get :sweat_smile:.

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