Checking green bean supplier reference

I know many of us here buy from Sweet Maria’s. I wanted to check how are people’s experience with others like Happy Mug and Coffee Bean Corral.

I’ve also been buying from Burman’s and pretty happy with their beans as well. I know others also buy from Royal Coffee and have told me they had great beans from them.

thanks in advance.

Happy Mug is fine. I’ve bought from them several times. I also like The Captain’s Coffee.

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I’ve been happy with Coffee Bean Corral for a couple years now. I connected with them when SM stopped shipping greens in plastic bags (it’s the kiss of death for greens without a vapor barrier in AZ). I thought it would be temporary but I got hooked on organic Chiapas!


I saw those Chiapas and it looked interesting :slight_smile:

IIRC they have 2 Chiapas choices. The organic is distinctly different and my preference. I roast for 3-6 people (depending on who’s in the park) and it’s unanimous: the organic Chiapas is a winner.


Good to know… I’ll give that one a try :slight_smile:

That is interesting. Sweet Marias always ships to me in plastic Zip Lock type bags. But Coffee Bean Corral always ships in cloth bags, which I immediatly switch to Ecotact or similar plastic bags.

I have gotten good beans from CBC, Sweet Marias, and Happy Mug. I have heard good things about Royal Coffee. I have also bought beans from Bodhi Leaf here in Southern CA. A little on the pricey side.

I have ordered the same green and roasted beans from Happy Mug so that I could compare what they are roasting to what I was getting from the Bullet.

I have also ordered 1/4 pound lots of roasted beans from Geroge Howell in Boston. Very pricey. (George Howell is considered by some to be the Godfather of specialty coffee. He has had a huge influence on Specialty coffee and has done much for the small coffee growers around the world)

  • Royal Crown Jewels - I have never had a bad one. And some of my all time faves are from Royal.
  • Sweet Marias - Rarely disappointed. But more than a few times the beans seem a little past their prime. Pay attention to the dates.
  • Coffee Bean Corral - Very happy with their selection of Caribbean and Indonesian (Bali) beans. The cloth bags are cute.

I’ve been using happy mug for a couple years now. I usually order around 180lbs at a time. Ships same or next day. Never had any issues or bad beans.

SM and coffee bean corral take “forever” to ship and arrive here on east coast. Never had any bad beans.

Happy mug locks the shipping rate after 90lbs so it can be substantially cheaper per pound.

Thanks for all the feed back.

Yes George is considered by many to be the guy who started specialty coffee movement with his roasting and coffee chain (I think it was called Coffee Connection) in the 80s and 90s. After he sold his coffee chain I think he had an ironclad non-compete which is why he was publicly quite for many years until recently. I did find his prices quite pricey so I have not bought anything from him.

I think it was a temporary thing. My wife recalled reading that California had instituted some laws related to plastics and that businesses had quotas to meet. Dunno for sure but that seemed plausible. SM abandoned that and went back to prior packaging methods but by then I was hooked on Chiapas. That and Liquid Amber keeps disappearing from their offerings.

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Anyone use the Green Coffee Buying Club?

I did years ago. It was fine but rather involved for limited savings and limited choices. I just found it easier and more convenient to buy via retailers. The purchasing process may have evolved over the years but I’ve not felt the need to revisit them.

Thanks for input from everyone. Just ordered some from CBC and HM - one of which is same bean from both and HM had a better price.

Just ordered another 180lbs from happy mug. Shipped same day. $39 shipping.

I’ve had great coffee’s from CBC and happy mug. CBC durato Bombe is the only green I’ve ever found three stones in a bag, but the bean was great! Klatch and Mill city Roasters are two more I would add to the list.

I really have enjoyed the holiday blend from Mill City the last couple years.

This is kind of off topic, but Bodhi leaf does a very fun home roaster competition occasionally which is a really good reason to buy the coffee they offer for the competition. (There is also a discount code for people participating 20% IIRC).